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To enhance your experience at the Grove Quilt Company, please review the quilting preparations in advance of your visit to our shop.  These guidlines will help walk you through steps needed to prepare for the finishing touches on your work of art prior to the long arm quilting.  Also included here are the prices for our quilting services. 

  • When piecing your quilt blocks use a 1/4" seam allowance, anything less will cause weak seams and may fall apart when put on the longarm machine.

  • Attaching borders: for the width lay quilt top on a large surface or on the floor and measure through the center of the quilt top across the width. This is the measurement that will determine the top and bottom borders. Sew them on and press seams towards the border strips. For the side borders lay quilt top out flat and this time measure through the length in the middle of the top, including the top and bottom borders you just added. This is the measurement that will cut  your side borders. Sew on borders and press the seams towards the border strips.

  • Trim off all long threads from the back of the quilt top and make sure all of the seams are secure. Seams that are not secure will pull apart during the quilting process, so make sure you back tack all of your seams.

  • We do not except Fleece Backs.

  • Press quilt top & backing before dropping it off for quilting.

  • Do not attach any trims, notions or decorative items to the quilt top before it is to be quilted by Grove Quilt Co.

  • Mark the top of the quilt with a piece of paper using a safety pin to attach it if there is a definite top of bottom to your quilt (this is helpful if choosing a one directional pantograph or pattern for your quilt design.)

  • Do not baste your quilt layers together as layers together as layers are loaded on the machine separately.

  • Backing must by 4" larger than the quilt top on all four sides total

  • of 8" all the way around backing.

  • If backing needs to be centered on back of quilt top, mark the top of the backing. We will do our best to center the top to the back; however, we are not responsible for centering accuracy.

  • Minky Backing must be 4" on

  • all side of backing total of 8"

  • all away around.


Gammill Quilting Systems
Equipped with a Statler Stitcher



  • T shirt Quilts seams
    need to be pressed open.

Prices are computed by the square yard


Approximate Top Dimension


twin 68 x 90=4.7 sq yd

double 80 x 90=5.5 sq yd

queen 96 x 96=7.1 sq yd

king 96 x 108=8 sq yd

XLkg 120 x 120=11.1 sq yd



Pantograph: $17 - $30 sq yd (overall pattern done on a whole quilt)

$17 / sq yd=$.013 / sq in

There will be an additional charge for downsizing of patterns.



70/30                     $9.25 / running yd.

80/20                     $11.25/ running yd

Dream Green        $8.00/running yd      Select                    $9.50/running yd

Request                 $9.00/running yd

Warm & Natural     $10.25/running yd

Wool                      $11.00 / running yd

80/20 /black          $11.25/running yd

110 80/20             $12.25 / running yd

Bamboo                 $12.00/running yd

120' Select             $11.00/running yd


$1.25 / Bobbin

$5.00 - $8.00 / quilt



If a customer brings in backing that needs a seam, we will charge $10.00 a seam for making the backing.


Shipping and Handling:

The customer pays all shipping costs, including insurance.




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